Apprenticeship Training

The James Mercer Group offers many apprenticeship opportunities.

James Mercer Group LTD mechanical building engineering service worker with PPE

The James Mercer Group Ltd has always been committed to training Craft Apprentices in Industrial and Commercial Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing trades. We recruit and train apprentices each year to ensure we have the correct number of craftsmen developing their career within company for future years. At present 12% of our workforce are apprentices who progress through a 4 year training scheme with a combination of on site training and day release at college in order to achieve a Craftsman’s Certificate.

All applications should initially be forwarded to although applicants may also find it useful to register with JTL Training at their website

Please mention in their application that they are interested in working for The James Mercer Group Ltd.

JTL will then carry out assessments and shortlist applicants to us for consideration.